madewell sweater & skirt, bp shoes, timex watch, j.crew necklace, bonlook glasses
j.crew sweater & necklace, equipment blouse, papaya jeans, bp shoes, gap clutch, timex watch, h&m rings, bonlook glasses

i took the first picture right before i headed out to my hair appointment.  i think that this is the longest i have ever had it in my life.  i would have kept it at this length if it was easy to manage but it was hard to tame and just starting to get heavy so it had to go.  the second set of pictures i took a couples of day later with my newly cut hair.  it's lighter, definitely faster to dry but i am still a bit bored with it.  if you guys have any suggestions on something that i could do with my hair, that would be great.  i am open to anything! 
oh, and i am loving my bp oxford shoes! i pair them with everything!

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