wearmaster field garment madewell coat, j.crew shirt & pants, h&m scarf, bag, shoes & ring, DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses

wore this outfit to my sister's bday celebration over the weekend.  sorry for the poor quality of the pics of me and my sister being goofy, they were taken from our iphones.  she is always fun to be around, i love her.  happy birthday to my baby sis =)


wearmaster field garment madewell coat, j.crew sweater, nordstrom lush blouse, f21 jeans & necklace, dolce vita shoes, h&m bag & ring

(1) fun red hook bottle caps 
(2) one of my favorite cheap wines - the show!
(3) university village lights
(4) tartufo dessert from piattis in uvillage - gluten free!
(5) crystal creek cafe in mill creek - so yum.
(6) an amazing northwest sunset =)


nordstrom rubbish shirt, f21 sweatpants, converse shoes, h&m scarf, ring & bracelet, friendship bracelet, bonlook glasses

one of those days where i had to leave the house and just wanted to dress down to an even more comfortable outfit  to run small errands, walk my pups, and then work on projects from home.  happy thursday!


j.crew cardigan, f21 coat, shirt, & pants, nordstrom scarf (old), steve madden boots, f21 & u.o. necklaces, DIY & h&m bracelets, bonlook glasses, marc by marc jacobs tote bag, u.o. book bag

back to basics, back to school - it is now kind of dismal to see the snow melt and the winter wonderland slowly fade into a mess of flurry branches and broken trees. the freezing temperatures and the heavy snow caused some trees in our neighborhood to break apart or limp over gloomily. makes me sad, especially since my favorite tree near my bedroom window fell over and caused an obstacle in the front walkway... apart from that, it's back to the routine of being busy, busy.
i wore this today - went for the casual comfortable again because after i get off the train or bus, it is still a twenty minute trek to my school buildings. late happy lunar year everyone!


creative director of j.crew

she has some serious legging and impeccable style.

pictures via: ukvogue, lefashionimage, fashionweekdaily


wearmaster field garment madewell coat, men's target button-up & boots (old), f21 jeans, h&m scarf, DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses
DIY bracelets
lunch w/ my favorite @ elmers (we're almost matching w/ our collared button-ups)
chocolate chips!

bundled up and ready to have actually spent a day out in the snow to have lunch, run errands, and go grocery shopping. i finally was able to pair a collared top with this collar-less coat and then wrap myself up with this huge scarf (as i have mentioned in an earlier post with this coat). the simple collar-less design doesn't interfere with me layering a scarf, especially like one of these huge ones, in which i am in love with. it's perfect for this winter chill. hope everyone is enjoying their friday!


my design coat, my design pants, h&m shoes, bonlook glasses
backyard snow.
frontyard snow.

it has been such a week here in the northwest - snowstorm, black ice, power outages and a little bit of cabin fever. i really haven't let my left house for almost 3 days now other than to go 5 minutes away and visit family and have dinner.  even then, we had to park the car at the bottom of literally a steep hill that enters their neighborhood and hike up it because there was so much snow.  but despite all this snow craze, i have been enjoying some free time from school/work and was able to catch up on some things that i have been putting off.  amongst those things that i was able to finish was all my pieces for the up-coming school fashion show.  since i haven't been able to post any outfit pics, i thought i would try on and test a couple of pieces from my line.  the wool parka coat and these trousers are just two pieces from my line. i am pretty happy with it =) maybe i'll try on the rest of my pieces and post pics!
hope everyone in the northwest is staying safe and warm.


wearmaster field garment madewell coat, thrifted random blouse & cardigan, f21 jeans & clutch, h&m boots & belt, nordstrom ring, DIY & h&m bracelets

it's been a while since i have been able to take the time and take an outfit pic and post. school is now back in gear and i am finding it harder to manage my time. it started snowing yesterday so i kept it casual again and wore this to a dinner and birthday celebration last night.
i am loving my new wearmaster field garment madewell coat. i love the collar-less, simple design. it allows me to wear huge scarves and have a different clean look when i wear a button-up collar. i will be posting an outfit with a huge scarf soon since the forecast says it will be 36 degrees and snowing all the way up until tuesday =)


j.crew jacket, old navy knit sweater, urban outfitters blouse & necklace, f21 jeans, h&m boots, ring & bracelet, thrifted clutch, bonlook glasses

another collared button-up and knit sweater - even though it is not as cold as it should be this time of the year, it is still cold, and i am still on this layering binge of constantly pairing button-ups underneath knit sweaters.  i love the ability of mixing textures and colors but still maintain a casual everyday look.
i wore this yesterday, an eventful day of picking up my new laptop, shopping, and eating out with my favorite and family =) now it's back to the work week.  


h&m blazer, men's j.crew button-up, f21 jeans, jeffrey cambell shoes, thrifted clutch, h&m ring, bonlook glasses
lunch with my favorite.
h&m blazer, jones new york sweater, men's j.crew button-up, f21 skirt, clarks boots, random tights & socks, gianni chiarini bag, nordstrom necklace, DIY bracelet, h&m ring
joel osteen event.

from day to night - i wore my first outfit to run errands and have lunch with my favorite.  had to snap a 
picture of him.  if there was anyone that inspires me everyday in style, i would have to say it is him because not only is he stylish and basically the only person i see almost everyday but, as you can tell, i am always stealing pieces that he used to wear.  
instead of changing into a totally different outfit, i dressed up my casual look and changed out of my jeans into a skirt, layered and accessorized more for an event that i went to with my mom that night.  dressing up an outfit instead of putting a new one together saves me time.  


old navy sweater, f21 coat & jeans, h&m pumps, thrifted leather belt & clutch, nordstrom necklace, h&m rings, men's citizen watch, DIY bracelets
my last outfit pics of 2011 and our first portrait pics of 2012.

goodbye 2011, you went by so fast with many pleasures and pains but all in all, you were a great year =) looking forward to an amazing 2012!
happy new year everyone!
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