my design coat, my design pants, h&m shoes, bonlook glasses
backyard snow.
frontyard snow.

it has been such a week here in the northwest - snowstorm, black ice, power outages and a little bit of cabin fever. i really haven't let my left house for almost 3 days now other than to go 5 minutes away and visit family and have dinner.  even then, we had to park the car at the bottom of literally a steep hill that enters their neighborhood and hike up it because there was so much snow.  but despite all this snow craze, i have been enjoying some free time from school/work and was able to catch up on some things that i have been putting off.  amongst those things that i was able to finish was all my pieces for the up-coming school fashion show.  since i haven't been able to post any outfit pics, i thought i would try on and test a couple of pieces from my line.  the wool parka coat and these trousers are just two pieces from my line. i am pretty happy with it =) maybe i'll try on the rest of my pieces and post pics!
hope everyone in the northwest is staying safe and warm.
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