thrifted christmas sweater, f21 shorts & button-up, old navy sweater, clarks boots, gap headband & tights, random socks, h&m ring, bonlook glasses

had friends and family celebrate a late ugly christmas sweater party..  this is what i found at the local goodwill and it was only ninety-nine cents! i actually think that this sweater is not that ugly either,  kind of a cheat, but it was really one of the only christmas sweaters left in a size that kind of fits me.  i think i had a little too much fun dressing it up.  hope everyone had an amazing friday!


so good we watched it twice before we returned it to redbox.  the pace of this film was deliberately a  little slow and solemn, but the story sucks you in enough that you barely notice.  it is a wonderful film of reality and love.  it's not one to miss.


f21 coat & jeans, old navy vest, thrifted roxy button-up, steve madden boots

endless rain in washington right now and i love it.  frank ocean - swim good, my perfect rainy day song.



i was fortunate enough to be surrounded by loving friends and family on christmas.
i hope everyone had an amazing one also.

these are some photos i took over my christmas break on my iphone.

1. meeting one-month old pj for the first time.
2. christmas morning at my grandma's
3. snowman at the tudors.
4. shi on christmas.
5. christmas tree.
6. elli on christmas.
7. made christmas cookies with lynnie & sope.
8. lynnie.
9. lynnie's christmas village.


h&m blazer & scarf, levi's button-up, f21 shirt, j.crew pants, aldo boots, gianni chiarini bag, h&m, f21, u.o & DIY jewelry, bonlook glasses

last minute errands before christmas.


willow & clay cardigan, old navy sweater, equipment blouse, f21 jeans, dolce vita shoes, f21 & u.o. necklaces, h&m & DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses

had a little date night with my favorite.  we watched the sidewalk parade and enjoyed the christmas lights of downtown bellevue.


such a feel good song. love listening to this when i am home alone working on projects.

h&m sweater, j.crew denim button-up, f21 jeans & shoes, gianni chiarini bag, h&m & DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses

i am obviously still in love with big, loose sweaters.


while i am on my winter break, i am going to try to get MORE of these in.
... and work on projects that really need to get done.  pretty content with my fabric choices =)


wilow & clay c/o nordstrom rack knit cardigan, loft cardigan, nordstrom button-up, f21 jeans, h&m boots & ring, u.o. necklaces, h&m-friendship-DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses
halogen cape, old navy sweater, j.crew button-up, f21 jeans, aldo boots, DIY bracelet, bonlook glasses

sometimes i feel like i am shrinking or that whatever i find and love, seems all too big for me. i found this knit cardigan and cape, both size extra-small, for steal prices and i think that they are a little unfit for my small self. they especially make me seem shorter in these pics... but in person they look so good on. i wore the first outfit to do some holiday shopping and the second to a family dinner, then to a night out with friends. i am weighing out my options and deciding on if i should keep either =/ luckily nordstrom has the best return policy.


the head and the heart.  amazing music video, amazing band, and they are from seattle!
my fiance saw them perform when they opened up for florence and the machine and he loved them,
and now i love them, so i had to share! -enjoy.

men's gap sweater (old), f21 button-up & jeans, h&m scarf, bag & rings, thrifted leather belt, aldo loafers, DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses

wore this to get my hair trimmed and run some small errands. 


eight sixty cardigan, f21 sweatshirt & skirt, gap blouse & tights, random socks, indigo by clarks boots, guess by marciano bag, DIY bracelet, nordstrom rings, bonlook glasses

quarter is finally over.  i have to admit, this was probably one of the hardest quarters for me.  a couple of nights of getting no sleep at all and barely having the time to eat.  i am glad it is over and i get to enjoy the holidays.

old navy sweater (old), f21 jeans, h&m boots, gianni chiarini bag, bonlook glasses

1.)  my mama bear 
2, 3, & 5.)  shi
4 & 6.)  elli

had a little bday celebration for my niece, shi.  i don't get to see her as much as i would like so whenever i do, it is always a treat.


came across this brand, maison scotch. this is from their most recent lookbook. i am inspired by their looks and styling. i love that it co-habitates both masculinity and femininity. also is has that northwest outdoorsy aesthetic. -enjoy.


nordstrom poncho sweater, levi's denim button-up, f21 jeans, h&m scarf, DIY & friendship bracelets, bonlook glasses

this is what i wore this past friday to babysit my niece.  i always try to go for something loose and comfortable, she tends to always pull on my tops because it seems to be a security thing for her.  its either that or she holds onto my hair! looove her.


f21 jacket & button-up, j.crew sweater, zara pants, franco sarto pumps, gianni chiarini bag, nordstrom necklace, h&m rings, bonlook glasses

because i depend on natural lighting, it is hard for my pictures to pick up on contrasting colors.  the f21 collared button-up is a dark blue and my pumps are dark blue with black, so i am wearing more than just burgundy, grey and black in this ensemble... hoping to purchase a new light fixture soon so that this dilemma can be fixed.  also, i have been loving burgundy lately.  the gianni chiarini bag is something that i actually have been borrowing from my mom.  she received it as a present from her sister who lives in germany and she has been letting me use it because i fell in love with it. the inside still has the new car (leather) smell.  i honestly usually don't carry or use bags because i prefer not to for some reason and i  never carry much on me for the most part, so literally this purse is more than half empty.  i need to put it to better use and maybe start carrying my water bottle.


f21 coat & sweater jacket (old), nordstrom knit top, madewell pants, aldo booties, gianni chiarinni bag, f21 necklace, bonlook glasses

what a stressful week. i've been feeling overwhelmed lately with having to play catch up on work. so today i thought i would throw on yet another casual, comfortable outfit especially with the steep decline in temperature and it being another long day. luckily, i have this blue f21 sweater jacket that i purchased about three years ago. it has been my go to layering piece. it's easy, warm and i love the fact that it has a hood. saves me from my ears getting cold and with the unexpected washington weather, the hood has been convenient for me to throw on if it ever starts to rain. i am glad that i didn't get rid of it. also, i've been thinking that i need to invest in a nice pair of leather gloves.

this is my little vegas recap, all taken from my iphone. a fun two days of being with mama c, shopping, wandering, eating, gambling, a show, and old vegas.


men's merona cardigan, f21 flannel & jeans, aldo boots, gianni chiarini bag, h&m rings, DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses
took my babies out, fionna and kobe, to the park today. glad it wasn't raining. i needed the fresh air and play time. now im off to vegas. hope everyone is enjoying their friday.
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