j.crew jacket & blazer, old navy cardigan & scarf, f21 button-up & brogues, thrifted jeans, gap socks, friendship bracelet, bonlook glasses

i  have been choosing comfort and warmness a lot lately.. and it just so happens that it is more of a tomboy-ish style.  


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former editor of harpar's bazaar. two words, stunning and cool.


f21 parka, old navy vest, j.crew button-up, h&m skirt, indigo by clarks boots, h&m rings, DIY bracelets, bonlook glasses

hope everyone had a fulfilling thanksgiving and for those who participated in america, a safe black friday.


h&m sweater, u.o. blouse, f21 jeans, aldo boots, loft necklace, men's citizen watch, h&m rings, DIY bracelet
i wore this to a baby shower yesterday.  opening the presents was the best part because i love how emotional emma got whenever she unwrapped a present, read a card, or received a hug.  she is just so sweet and sincerely thankful and excited to finally have her first baby.  we are already calling the little prince, repete because he is going to be a junior named after his dad, pete.  can't wait to meet the little man.


this movie is amazingly weird in a good way.  it has a good amount of quirkiness, romance, humor,
and most importantly, a brilliant narrative.  i enjoyed it from the beginning to end. i highly recommend!


h&m blazer, old navy vest, j.crew denim button-up, f21 skirt, jeffrey campbell shoes, h&m rings, DIY bracelets

i love little details on garments like the beading and sequins on my j.crew denim button-up and the balled-wool sequins fabric of my f21 skirt.  it adds a unique quality to the already classic pieces.  also, i love mixing textures and polished pieces with utility wear.  it's an unexpected take, but i think it works and it keeps me warm in this washington weather.

i wore this yesterday to school, run errands, and go out to the local comedy club.  it was a long, productive day and good night out.  the featured comedian, michael palascak, was really funny.  if he ever comes back to our town, i would definitely see him again.


old navy jacket, chloe k. top, f21 blouse, rubbish cardigan, h&m chinos, gap bag, aldo shoes, f21 & uo necklaces, gifted ring, DIY bracelets
i am so proud of my godson.  he is in the first grade and today he received the president's award and an honor in empathy.  he is growing up so fast.  it's crazy to think that he was premature and weighed less than 5 pounds. i am so happy that he is a healthy, smart, funny boy.  he says the funniest things. i love being around him.


h&m sweater & ring, target men's button-up, f21 jeans, aldo boots, DIY bracelets

i would usually wear this sweater with black jeans or brown pants but i decided on wearing blue on blue on blue today.  i think that i just really wanted to wear these particular pair of jeans because it has been a while since i last wore them and i miss that crisp feeling of like-new jeans.  also i love shopping in the men's section.  the button-up i am wearing underneath, i bought at target for a great affordable price about two years ago. i love the flannel print and colors. it reminds me of christmas pajamas. 


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executive fashion director of tank magazine.  she has amazing style. so natural and effortlessly sleek. love her.


f21 leather jacket, gap blouse, uo wool shorts, indigo by clarks shoes, random tights & socks, gap purse, f21 necklace, nordstrom rings, DIY bracelet

it was raining and freezing last night in washington with the low being in the 30's.  i made the mistake of wearing a sheer blouse and not layering it with a cardigan or scarf.  i don't mind the rain, but it was freeeezing.  i wore this to celebrate a dear friend's birthday party at a lounge.  it was a fun night out. 


j.crew cardigan, lush blouse, madewell pants, aldo boots, gap clutch turned into purse, h&m scarf & rings, f21 necklace

its beautiful in washington today and even though i still feel so restless, i wanted to dress light to brighten up my day.


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senior fashion editor of marie claire magazine.  effortlessly chic. style for days.


j.crew blue blazer & top, h&m khaki blazer, pants, shoes & rings, DIY bracelets
today was my friend's daughter's baptism. not only does she have the cutest name (rowyn), beautiful red hair and green-grey eyes, but she also has one of the most creative moms. i love going to her events and gatherings because she is so eclectic and wonderful when she decorates and she always has the funnest finger foods. aside from her day job, she is a freelance graphic designer for midori graphic design. if you are ever in need of media design, i recommend her.


aritzia wilfred cardigan, papaya blouse, h&m blazer,  f21 jeans, aldo shoes, thrifted clutch, h&m rings, DIY bracelets
sooo happy that i got to see black star live.  i grew up listening to them and i never thought that i was going to be able to see mos def and talib kewli together performing live.  brought back an old ambiance of what hip hop used to sound like.  it was a greaaat, sold out show!


h&m sweatshirt, scarf, blazer, & rings, f21 jeans, thrifted purse, jeffrey campbell shoes, DIY bracelets
i spend most of my fridays with my niece.  she has quite the character and if there is anything i have learned from babysitting and being with her, it is patience.  she is a handful.  always exploring, always curious, and the innocence is so engaging.  i looove fridays.


vintage men's polo ralph lauren sweater, f21 jeans, h&m jacket, thrifted scarf, bp shoes

woke up feeling sick today and i just wanted to wear something warm and comfortable so i turned to one of my go to sweaters.  everyone should own that one big sweater.  it's huge, thick, and perfect for a cold day in the northwest.


h&m blazer, loft cardigan, j.crew shirt, gap cargos, gap clutch, h&m shoes, loft necklace, h&m rings

i love being able to wear all one color and making it work, especially with two different patterns.  also, there is just something cool about pairing a pair of cargo pants with a more dressed up style. one of my favorite outfits of the week so far. -enjoy.
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