time is flying by, i can't express that enough!  i apologize again, for not being able to post regularly.  these last few months have been the most taxing on my body and mind.  i am finding it really hard to balance school, work, family, and a fair social life.  
i wish i could make more time for my blog and follow-up on my favorite bloggers and followers but i deeply regret to say that blogging has been the least on my priority list.  my last year at the art institute is rounding up and the work-load has been really heavy.  apart from my 3 other classes, i am working on my senior collection and it consists of 4 outfits.  since i always choose to do separates because ready-to-wear is what i love, my four outfits include four bottoms (two skirts, two shorts), four tops, and four light jackets.
the above pictures are a peak into my third outfit and the process of designing a garment. 

1. creating a pattern plot for a top
2.  cutting out pattern pieces and muslin for test fit
3. sewing muslin test fit
4. fitting test fit on mannequin
5. cutting out fashion fabric
6. sewing fashion fabric
7. fitting the final top
8. close-up on the pocket
9. a peak into the skirt and blazer to go with the top

i have been a bit under the weather and i am hoping things will start looking up as soon as this quarter is over.  hope everyone is doing well and i truly appreciate all the comments and followers.  
-thanks everyone.

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