i would like to thank the lovely shawna of serpentine streets  for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  i am truly charmed by this.  i still feel like i am new in the fashion blogger world and any comments or followers i get, it warms my heart.  blogger awards like this are a great opportunity to network and increase awareness of other wonderful, inspiring blogs.

Award Rules:

Once you have been nominated, you have to nominate 15 other blogs (and let them know they are nominated!), share 7 random facts about yourself, thank the blogger who nominated you, and add the Versatile Blogger Award image to your blog post. 

15 Nominations:
(in no particular order)

7 facts:

1. i am an aunt to two adorable nieces.
2. i attend the art institute of seattle, studying fashion design.
3. i have two wonderful dogs, fionna & kobe.
4. i'm a film fanatic, always watching a new movie every week.
5. i love to people watch.
6. i have a bad sweet tooth, usually always craving ice cream.
7. "airilim" is my last name with the initial to my first name spelled backwards =).

again, i would like to thank shawna for nominating me with this award.  it feels wonderful and i am overwhelmed with all the love, comments, and new followers that i have been receiving. i will definitely show some love back.
oh and my apologies for not having been able to post in over TWO WEEKS =(.  life has been so busy.
now that i am getting the hang of things with my new schedule, i should be able to bounce back soon!

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